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What is damp?

Rising Dampness

Dampness within dwellings can take many forms. True Rising Dampness is caused by a failure or lack of an effective damp-proof course (DPC). Sometimes a perfectly adequate damp-proof course is bridged by high ground levels or blocked cavities resulting in a similar pattern. Symptoms are generally damage to decoration, breakdown of plasterwork and damage to skirting boards and other joinery timbers. However, it is possible for a property to be suffering from Rising Dampness without some or any of these symptoms.

Penetrating Dampness

This can take many forms. In a solid walled property, rainwater penetration can be a factor due to defective pointing or simply due to the effects of wind driven rain. Defective rainwater goods and roof coverings are also a common cause of penetrating dampness along with various other building defects too numerous to list here. The symptoms of penetrating dampness can be similar to rising dampness but generally will affect walls to greater heights and larger areas.


This is an atmospheric problem generally caused by an imbalance of heating, ventilation and extraction within the property. It is often misdiagnosed as rising or penetrating dampness and inappropriate treatments are recommended. Symptoms of condensation are generally musty smells, streaming windows/walls and surface mould growth.

Generally, damp problems within dwellings fall into these three main categories. It is vital that the problem is correctly diagnosed and appropriate treatments are recommended. Our qualified Surveyors will carry out a thorough examination and recommend treatment tailored to your property and provide detailed reports/estimates where appropriate.

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