The Isle of Wight Specialists in Woodworm , Dry Rot, Timber Treatments, Rising Damp, Structural Waterproofing, Wall Tie Replacement, Masonry Repair Strategies.

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Timber Treatment

Environmentally friendly

Hillbans are not tied to any chemical companies as “Approved” Contractors and therefore we can source the best preservatives and treatments available from across the board. We are committed to using as many of the safest, water based and environmentally friendly materials as we can and we try to limit waste and packaging going to landfill whenever possible. Our main preservatives are Permethrin based and therefore Bat friendly. We work closely with the Nature Conservancy Council when Bats are located in treatment areas to ensure that roosts are not disturbed.

Common Furniture Beetle

Many of our treatments carry a one hour clearance which means that rooms can be re-occupied very quickly.



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