Terms & Conditions (General)


Below is an example of the Terms and Conditions which apply to our estimates:

  1. Unless otherwise stated our estimates do not include for any redecoration that may be necessary following the specified works.
  2. Generally, our estimates assume that the property or the areas to be worked in are unoccupied and unfurnished. This includes
    floor coverings and all personal effects. The areas where work is to be carried out should be cleared prior to the arrival of our
    operatives. If you require assistance please contact us.
  3. It is assumed that mains water and electricity will be freely available on site for use by our operatives.
  4. Following any damp-proofing works it is vital that properties are inspected and maintained on a regular basis (e.g. pointing,
    rainwater disposal systems, chimney stacks, roof coverings etc.). Wherever possible, path and ground levels around the
    property should be maintained at 150mm below the external damp-proof course or internal floor level depending on the
    construction. Failure to maintain the property may affect our guarantee.
  5. Unless otherwise stated, our estimates include for removing all rubbish connected with the specified works.
  6. Where our inspection was limited, due to floor coverings, furniture, wall linings, fixtures, fittings, and any other restrictions, any
    further works found to be necessary, once work commences, would form the basis of a supplementary report and estimate.
  7. Unless otherwise specified, we have not inspected the property for damp problems relating to condensation. We would state
    the importance of ensuring that once the property is occupied, adequate ventilation and heating other than by Paraffin or Calor
    Gas is provided. Condensation within properties is becoming more common and it should be understood that our guarantee
    would not cover future problems of dampness caused by condensation.
  8. Most works internally and externally will create a certain amount of dust. Although every care is taken to minimise the amount
    of dust that may spread to other parts of the property during the course of our work, there will be general cleaning and dusting
    to be carried out and this is not included in our estimate/s.
  9. Unless otherwise requested, we do not examine or report on the condition of external joinery e.g. window frames, fascia boards,
    soffits etc. It is important that these items are maintained in good order.
  10. When carrying out re-plastering works, it is not unusual for some shrinkage or hollowing to occur when the wallplaster dries out.
    Any hairline cracks, which may appear, should be carefully raked out by your decorator/builder and made good prior to
    redecorating. Isolated hollowing or minor undulations are not unusual when refurbishing old properties but are not considered
    to be of particular significance. It is important to note that too much heat applied whilst the plaster is still green, may result in
    serious cracking or even failure of the plaster coat. This also applies to the use of de-humidifiers, which may have the same
    effect. Please consult one of our technical representatives if you are unsure.
  11. Following any specified damp-proofing works, it is important you do not pierce the membrane/plaster system applied by our
    operatives in any way. This can be achieved by filling any fixing holes with mastic prior to plugging and screw fixing in the
    normal way or by the use of panel adhesive. Failure to comply with this specification will result in our guarantee being
  12. Where wallplaster is to be removed, we cannot assess the condition of the masonry behind until it is removed. Any making
    good to loose masonry or built-in timbers, or removal of painted surfaces etc. would form the basis of a supplementary report
    and if necessary, estimate.
  13. Any proposed alterations to areas treated by this Company must be reported and verified as they could affect the treatment
    works carried out and invalidate our guarantee.
  14. Unless otherwise specified in this report it is assumed to be the responsibility of the Client to arrange for their own contractors
    to remove and subsequently re-fit radiators, storage heaters, pipework, electrical items etc. in the specified areas.
  15. We reserve the right to alter our specification without prior notice.
  16. Data Protection – Hillbans Vectis Limited take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer
    your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us. We do not share any information with
    Third Parties without consent.