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Structural Waterproofing


Hillbans are not only involved with waterproofing refurbished Basements, we also work closely with Designers and Specifiers to waterproof new new-build Basement and Cellar structures, lift shafts etc. BS8102:2009 Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures against water from the Ground states that almost all Basement structures are likely to be subjected to water pressure at some period during their life. Even when the site examination indicates dry conditions, the risk of waterlogging in the future should be considered should be considered. It goes on to state that designers should consider the possibility of failure of the designed waterproofing system and the form and feasibility of remedial works should the system fail.

Secondary Systems

Hillbans are able to design secondary systems which will cope with the failure of built-in systems saving the considerable cost and upheaval involved in repairing water damaged Basement structures at a later date.





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