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Rising Damp

Briefly, rising dampness is caused by the capillary draw of water from the ground beneath a structure through small gaps and fissures within the structure. Failed or breached damp-proof courses will no longer provide an effective barrier against the capillary draw and moisture rises through the wall and evaporates into the living space. Salts are drawn from the ground with the moisture and as the moisture evaporates these salts are deposited within the structure and the plasterwork and other finishes. These salts will then absorb moisture from the atmosphere within the dwelling, adding to the problems.


Damp-proofing involves the provision of an effective barrier against further rising dampness and removing salt contaminated wallplaster and other finishes prior to re-plastering or re-finishing with suitable specialist products. These products should prevent further salt migration and damage to decoration during the drying process.


Hillbans' Surveyors will carry out a detailed assessment and provide comprehensive reports and specifications for the works to be carried out and our own in-house team will carry out all preparation and reinstatement work to an industry leading standard.







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