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Masonry Repair Strategies

Trained and accredited

Hillbans have access to a unique range of stress free masonry reinforcing products along with application methods that provide a cost effective, concealed, non-disruptive solution for many forms of remedial masonry stabilisation, including crack stitching, lintel repairs, over-beaming, expansion joints, lateral restraints and remedial wall ties.

Our Surveyors have been trained and accredited in the recognition of these faults and can provide comprehensive specifications and estimates for repairs. Our Technicians are also trained and accredited in the installation of these repair strategies.

Hillbans work closely with Thor Helical Remedial and are part of a nationwide network of accredited installers. We are able to provide specifications and estimates for your particular project. We also work closely with Structural Engineers, Surveyors etc. to install systems specified by third parties.



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