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Masonry Beaming

Lasting and effective repair

Where masonry of any kind has failed as a result of increased loadings, stresses or ground movement, it is possible to install bed joint reinforcement which ties the masonry together and can also create deep masonry beams which distribute the loads on the structure. These masonry beams, combined with other lateral restraint products and fixings, can provide a cost effective solution to structural problems.

Masonry beaming can also offer an alternative to mass underpinning by creating girder beams in the masonry capable of spanning ground defects and re-distributing loadings.

Where ground movement such as subsidence, settlement, heave or slip is evident, professional advice from a qualified Structural Engineer should be sought to ensure that the faults are correctly diagnosed. Hillbans are able to implement certain masonry repair strategies in conjunction with the Structural Engineer to ensure a long lasting and effective repair.

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