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Dry Rot

Combined experience of over 100 years

Dry Rot is a term often used as a cover all for rotten timber. However, Dry Rot Fungus (or Serpula lacrymans) is a complex fungal growth capable of causing considerable and widespread damage to property in the right conditions. Left untreated, or indeed treated incorrectly, it is capable of rapid growth and has few boundaries providing there is a supply of moisture, fuel (timber) and air, all of which are in plentiful supply within our dwellings. It is vitally important that Dry Rot is correctly diagnosed and treated since the treatments involve removal of wallplaster and structural/joinery timbers generally to at least 1 metre beyond the last sign of attack. Given the extent of the treatment and the subsequent costs, you would not want to have the treatment carried out twice! Hillbans’ Surveyors and operatives have a combined experience of over 100 years in diagnosis and treatment of Dry Rot and you can tap into this wealth of knowledge with a simple telephone call.




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