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Based on current estimates - up to 4 million dwellings are affected by rising dampness, penetrating dampness or condensation.
Whilst timber is an extremely resilient and versatile building material, it can also provide a perfect environment for wood-boring insects and fungal decay. Since most structural timbers are unseen, damage can go undetected for long periods of time.
Movement in rigid structures can cause cracking, bulging and other defects. It is possible in some instances to restore the integrity of the structure or the masonry panel without the need for expensive rebuilds.
Hillbans are pleased to announce that within the next 12 months we will be in a position to offer comprehensive surveys and reports on Invasive Weed species, particularly Japanese Knotweed. We are also hoping to offer Guaranteed treatments.

Welcome to Hillbans - 40 years of quality

It is now over 40 years since Trevor Thorne moved to the Isle of Wight and set up Hillbans. The Company was formed to provide specialist damp proofing and timber treatment services and later expanded to offer wall tie replacement. In that time many changes have taken place, both in the industry and the market place. We have always striven to keep up with those changes and maintain our status as the leading company in our field.


We are the only Island based company to achieve and maintain the high standards required to enjoy membership of the Property Care Association, formerly the British Wood Preserving And Damp Proofing Association (B.W.P.D.A). This enables us to offer insurance backed guarantees from Guarantee Protection Insurance Limited alongside our own guarantees for further peace of mind in these turbulent times.


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